April 4 – 9:30AM Email System update

Good morning,

We have fixed the issue with phones connecting, and as well we have a new secondary email server up and running, which will help load balance email connections. This should help email work faster.

We are working to get search working on webmail currently.

We are continuing the data recovery effort at this time.

Thank you for your patience,


March 31 – 3:30 Email System Update

Good Afternoon,

Our data recovery efforts continue, we don’t have any estimate on status at this time. Email functionality continues, though we are seeing spotty functionality with phones, due to severe server activity. We expect that most of the server synchronizing will finish at some point overnight or into Saturday. Once this finishes we expect phones will behave better.

We believe that we have made progress with fixing the bounceback problem, but in case people ARE having bounces, even on OWA, here are the steps to fix it –

Clearing Auto-Fill From OWA – IT – Vermont Law School Portal

Clearing Auto-Fill From OWA

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Outlook Web App (previously known as Outlook Web Access) has the ability to remember the email addresses you use, then list them as you create new messages. This feature is called ‘auto-complete’ and can be a huge time saver, however sometimes you need to remove old addresses or perhaps clear the whole list and start again. The steps below detail how to do this.


  1. Log into the Outlook Web App
  2. Open a new email and start typing the email address
  3. When the address you want to remove appears, use the keyboard to select the email address
  4. The press the DEL button on the keyboard.


To be able to clear the whole auto-complete list using Outlook Web App you need to use the light version.

  1. Log into the Outlook Web App – ensuring ‘Use the light version of Outlook Web App’ is ticked.
  2. You’ll see that Outlook Web App will look different when using the light version.
  3. Click on the ‘Options’ button at the top right of the window
  4. In the left hand menu, click on ‘Messaging’
  5. Under ‘E-Mail Name Resolution’ click ‘Clear Most Recent Recipients list’
  6. Click ‘OK’ to complete the process.

We don’t expect to be updating this blog during the weekend unless something changes.

As always, please contact the helpdesk if problems come up.

Thank you for your continued support and patience


March 30 – 5:30 Email Update

Hello Everyone,

We continue to experience slow sync with mobile devices and cell phones. Phone connectivity will be intermittent as the servers synchronize.

We continue to make progress with email data recovery, and continue to recommend using Outlook Web App.

We continue to work on a solution for the bounce-back issue experienced on-campus.

Thank you,

March 30 – 1:45 Email Update

Good Afternoon,

We are noticing some slow sync times for some phones at this time. We expect this is due to severe load on the server as we work on restoring the server content.

There is nothing wrong with any system, things are just going slowly.

Thank You,


March 29 5:20 Email Update

We have confirmed that Webmail is fully operational.

We are still in the data recovery process and will continue to update as news is available.

On campus PCs now have a solution for the bounce back issue. A script will run when users log out and back in which will correct the settings that were causing the issues.

Please let us know if there is any unusual activity with your send and receive.

Thank you,

March 28 – 5:30 Email Update

Hello Everyone,

We continue to make progress with email data recovery.

Every user has an active inbox, and we currently recommend using Outlook Web App (Webmail).

We have a local solution for email bounce-backs for VLS domain computers that we will send out tomorrow morning. Bounce-backs for VLS Webmail users should correct on their own.

Please make sure check your Inbox tomorrow morning for the latest VLS IT announcement. We will continue to update this blog throughout the recovery process.

thank you,

March 27 – 5:15 Email Update

Hello Everyone,

We continue the data recovery portion of the email recovery process. Send and receive functionality is restored.

Every user has an active inbox. Please let us know if you experience any difficulty logging on

Some emails might bounce back. We recommend using Outlook Web App (Webmail) to send.

We continue to work on the archive emails. This is part of the data recovery process.

We will be making another announcement the VLS Community later this week, and we will continue to update this blog throughout the recovery process.

Thank you,

In the event of power outages, scheduled system downtime, or other technical issues, you can check here to see more information.